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Live an unforgettable experience, staying in one of the best hoteles in Cancún zona hotelera Krystal Hoteles au MexiqueNouvelle

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Live an unforgettable experience, staying in one of the best hoteles in Cancún zona hotelera Krystal Hoteles

Nouvelle Krystal Hoteles

Live an unforgettable experience, staying in one of the best hoteles in cancún zona hotelera hôtel urban aeropuerto ciudad de méxico

Live an unforgettable experience, staying in one of the best hoteles in Cancún zona hotelera

Without a doubt, when you think of Mexico, Cancun automatically comes to your mind, or am I wrong?

It is impossible not dream with those beaches of fine sand and incredible turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. But you should know that Cancun is not only beaches, so in this post, I will share with you some secrets that will allow you to discover everything you can do in this wonderful destination.

Where to stay in Cancun

I will start telling you that if you are looking for a place to sleep in Cancun, the Krystal Cancun Hotel is your best option whether you are traveling as a couple, with friends or family. This 4-star beach resort is one of the best hoteles en Cancun zona hotelera and is located next to the beach, in front of the Cancun Convention Center.

The Krystal Cancun Hotel is located to 17 km from the Cancun International Airport and in the surroundings you can find various dance clubs, water parks, shopping centers, theaters, restaurants and museums.

What to do in Cancún: The 7 unmissable places

Now that you know which is one of the best hoteles en Cancun zona hotelera, I will share you some tips just so you know what places you can’t miss in Cancun. Let's see them!

Go to Xcaret Park

This is a very versatile ecotourism theme park, icon of the Riviera Maya, in which you can perform more than 50 activities for children or adults, among which you will find: rivers and underground caves, aquariums, museums, dance shows, etc...

Visit the ruins of Chichén Itzá

These are the most famous and most visited Mayan ruins in all Mexico. The place with more interest in Chichén Itzá is the Kukulkán Pyramid, with four stairs that add a total of 365 steps, thus becoming a large three-dimensional calendar.

Trip to Tulum

Tulum is a walled city located at 130 km from Cancun, where you will find archaeological ruins that you can travel in about 3 hours. If you visit them, I advise you to go to the geomorphological viewpoint, from where you will have incredible views.

Explore The Cenotes

The cenotes are amazing and very deep natural wells, what we commonly known as water caverns. In the Riviera Maya area, you will find many differents to explore, swim and dive or snorkel.

Go to Xochimilco

Xoximilco is a festival of Mexican culture that allows you to explore different water canals on board the colorful trajineras for about 3 hours, while you are enjoying the exquisite Mexican cuisine. But that is not all, you can drink, dance rancheras and enjoy the music of the traditional Mariachis.

Travel by ferry to Isla Mujeres

This is a small island with a lot of charm that is very close to Cancun, which is usually reached by Ferry. On the island you will find wonderful beaches, such as the famous north beach, which is about 100 meters wide between the sea and the dunes.

Visit a Temazcal

The temazcales are steam baths, which are used to relax and purify. Its structures, which reflect the connection between body, spirit and nature, allow you to experience ancient Mayan rituals, which will benefit your body and your spirit as well.

As you have seen, Cancun is an exciting destination that combines culture, fun and freedom. Escape the routine and visit Cancun zona hotelera staying at Krystal Cancun Hotel!

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