Tips and advice to visit and choose Hotels in Monterrey NL Krystal Hoteles, Mexique
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Tips and advice to visit and choose Hotels in Monterrey NL Krystal Hoteles au MexiqueNouvelle

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Tips and advice to visit and choose Hotels in Monterrey NL Krystal Hoteles

Nouvelle Krystal Hoteles

Tips and advice to visit and choose hotels in monterrey nl Hôtel Urban Aeropuerto Ciudad de México

Tips and advice to visit and choose Hotels in Monterrey NL

How to travel?

If you are thinking of visiting Monterrey, you should know that if you travel by car, the city is located approximately 900 kilometers from Mexico City. Although you can also travel by plane or by bus.

When to travel?

The best time to visit the city of Monterrey is from April to August. In September, it is usually quite rainy and subsequent months, such as January and December are usually quite cold.

Hotels in Monterrey NL

If you are looking for hotels in Monterrey NL, you should know that in the city there are some very modern 4 or 5 stars quite affordable, but your choice will always depend on the budget you have.

If you have to hold a business meeting or just travel for pleasure, you should know that one of the best hotels in Monterrey NL, is the Krystal Urban. A modern hotel in Monterrey that is located in an excellent location very close to the Santa Catalina River.


Once in the city, we recommend that you move by subway, as it is the safest, fastest and most economical way to travel and know the attractions of this wonderful city. The schedules are usually very good and it is also easy to locate the stations.

What places to visit?

If you like to walk, you cannot miss a walk along the longest artificial river in Latin America, the Santa Lucia channel, a place that you can visit both day and night.

The Macroplaza, is another of the unmissable places in Monterrey. We advise you to take the tour that will explain what are the most emblematic places of the city. This tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.

If you are going for bike rides, do not hesitate to visit the Fundidora Park. This urban park is open every day between 06:00 and 22:00 hrs.

If you prefer nightlife, take a tour of the Old Quarter, where you will surely find many places that will attract your attention.

Y…. What to eat?

If you want to try typical dishes in Monterrey, we recommend you try the kid. In Monterrey NL, it is prepared on the grill or in stews. Another of the typical dishes is crushed, which is made from dried beef.

As you can see, Monterrey is an easy-to-travel city of industries and businesses that offers multiple cultural offers. So do not hesitate and consider Monterrey as your next destination.

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